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Our Narrative 


For the last three decades religious intolerance, discrimination, and extremism have plagued Pakistan. These thorny issues have had a devastating influence on Pakistani citizens, most particularly on the youth, 69.7 % of the total population. Recently the Pakistani people have witnessed an even greater level of intolerance and vigilantism directed against the weaker populations. Today it is the youth who are most at risk in Pakistan. 







Pakistan has 55 million smartphone users, 44 million of whom use social media. As smartphone technology improves, this represents an unequalled opportunity for both peace-builders and violent extremists to promote their causes. Kahani Sunao grew out of a recognized unmet need of the community that adopts a unique approach to capacity building by emphasizing mentoring and networking in addition to skill development of tech-communication tools-android/iOS, innovative media and filming to continue digital activism journey.

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