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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you must be wondering what Kahani Sunao is all about and how it really works. That’s why we have answered some of the most common questions here. If you need more more information, please write to us. 

  • What is Kahani Sunao?
    Kahani Sunao is an innovative Android/iOS tech-communication based digital storytelling fellowship to empower youth voices for communities. The youth will be empowered by advancing their skills in conflict management, peace-building. Also this will inculcate; digital storytelling, new/social media, social entrepreneurship and smartphone usage to create digital stories.
  • Who is eligible to apply?
    Young (18-28 years age) Social Innovators, Storytellers, Creative Communicators and Visualizers from educational campuses and communities are eligible to apply. We encourage young women and minorities.
  • What will happen after the Kahani Sunao felowship?
    After the fellowship you will be engaged in different activities to carry on social startup which will explain with selcted application. Also fellows will be part of dynamic community of social Innovators, sorytellers, creative communicators and visualizers who are working for social change.
  • How can I be a part of Kahani Sunao?
    You can simply apply for Kahani Sunao Fellowship and become part of it or keep checking our Facebook page updates to connect with us.
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