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 “Kahani Sunao” (Tell a Story). The program reached 8 universities, 5 marginalized communities, created 25 digital stories, organized 12 screening events reaching more than 4000 diverse people directly and 1.1 million people digitally on social media.


  • By the end of the program a Muslim boy Jazib Khan changed his narrative and attitude, he started social media joint venture "Azad Lab" with Daniel Anjum a Christian boy and Chaman Lal a Hindu boy designed an initiative "FAITH" to bring stories to counter the current situation. 

  • A Village of Harmony screened at U.S. embassy event and shared on U.S. embassy Pakistan official Facebook page.

  • "The Lost Brotherhood" screened at Sikhlens Sikh Arts & Film Festival 2019 California U.S. 

  • "A Journey of Resilience"

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