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The Kahani Sunao ("Tell the Story") grew out of a recognized, unmet need of the community to innovatively engage youth, on educational campuses and within marginalized communities, and to help them develop skills in conflict resolution, peace-building, critical thinking and social entrepreneurship.

SOCH was created in 2016 by the Faiz Resource Foundation with a vision to enable the youth to establish themselves and catalyze change. In a short span of time, SOCH has grown into a dynamic community of young digital storytellers, including, students, faith and community leaders, and others to support each other and strengthen their efforts to make a positive impact in the society. 







         8                                            30                                            500                                                         0.8M

Documentary Films              Short Videos                Youth Capacity Building                   Social Media Engagement  


Since 2016, we have delivered around 25 different day-long sessions besides offering complete training workshops to build the capacity of more than 500 youth. In addition to this, we have achieved this by producing 8 documentaries, 30 short videos, and engaging over 0.8 million people through social media Kahani Sunao


​Our work has gained recognition in local, national and international platforms globally. We have earned immense appreciation and support by international renowned organizations  such as the Atlantic Council of South Asia Center, US State Department, Pakistan US Alumni Network, The Emerging Leaders of Pakistan, and United States Institute of Peace.

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